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Inspections and Audits

Inspections and Audits

The monitoring of health and safety within an organisation is an important part of maintaining compliance with health and safety legislation to include the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.

Monitoring can be re-active or pro-active; re-active is after the incident has occurred, this may be as an example, the measuring of accidents the organisation has or as promoted by legislation and the enforcement authorities pro-active monitoring. Examples of pro-active monitoring include the daily checks undertaken by Supervisors, weekly inspections by Managers, monthly inspections by the Competent Person for the organisation and an annual report of the complete management procedure.

Where organisations are seeking to gain accreditation with C.H.A.S. and Construction line evidence of the implementation of the above is required.

Where organisations require assistance in the monitoring arrangements this can be arranged with site inspections, which includes the issue of a comprehensive report both to the site and the point of contact within the organisation.

Inspections and Audits are undertaken using a benchmark of Health and Safety Executive publication HS(G)65 Successful Health & Safety Management, which includes a comprehensive audit of the organisation management systems.