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CDM Co-ordinator

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 requires the appointment of a competent CDM Co-ordinator for all construction projects which will have more than 5 persons on the site at any one time or the work will involve more than 500 person days or last more than 30 days.

CDM Regulations requires that all employers of construction workers ensure that they are competent in a range of health and safety issues, so receiving training on a regular basis is going to be essential.

We are able to assist clients to comply with the regulations by the provision of the following services.

Industrial Unit
  • To provide the service of a competent CDM Co-ordinator for the project.
  • Notify the Health and Safety Executive of the appointment.
  • Prepare the Information Pack.
  • Health and safety training.
  • Prepare an electronic/paper Health and Safety File on completion of the project.