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Asbestos - Who is Responsible?..

Probably You!!

The Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations 2006 affects every business premises in the United Kingdom.

Asbestos Leaflets

Note: Legislation imposes a legal duty upon those who own, occupy, manage or have responsibility for the maintenance and repair of all non-residential properties, to manage the risk from asbestos contained materials.

Since 21st May 2004 the Health and Safety Executive requires all commercial property to undertake an asbestos survey, they must also hold a current Asbestos Register on site, which must be kept up to date and there are severe penalties for non-compliance. It is therefore important that before that you should have any non-domestic premises for which you are responsible surveyed to ascertain whether or not asbestos containing materials are present and if so, to ensure that these are properly managed. Your survey will be required by any contractor carrying out work to the property and it is anticipated that it will become a requirement of your insurance cover.

Contact MSM Safety Management Services today to satisfy your legal requirements and for an estimate of the cost of surveying your property. Estimates are given without obligation.